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Yunnan International Coffee Exchange (YCE), a coffee trading center open to the international market and at service of the whole coffee industrial chain. It is both producing-region-based (Yunnan) and location-radiative (covering Southeast Asia and South Asia).
As a coffee trading center, YCE takes transparent information disclosure, fair trading, accountable services and efficient procedures as standards, providing "one-stop" trading supporting services for the coffee industry, i. e. integrating resources, online auction, financial services, transaction settlement, professional training and warehousing and logistics.
At the same time, YCE is also a strategic public service platform in China for the whole industrial chain to help upgrade and prosper Yunnan coffee industry, aiming to serve both China and the international world. YCE is always committed to becoming a “prosperer” of Yunnan coffee industry and a "leader, promoter and practitioner" in the industrial upgrading and development for Yunnan coffee.
Serving as a bridge, YCE leads and drives the connection between Yunnan and domestic as well as international coffee markets. Utilizing YCE's platform, Yunnan coffee has been lifted its proportion of specialty coffee production, developed better quality and enhanced brand awareness. Making Yunnan coffee the representative of Chinese coffee under efforts from all sectors of society. Sharing Yunnan coffee with the whole world.
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Since 1933, UCC Group has successfully maintained the spirit of our founder - “Deliver flavorful coffee to as many people as possible anytime and anywhere”. Throughout our long history, we have built the coffee business that encompasses every aspect of coffee from cultivation of coffee trees in the producer countries, procurement of materials, R&D, roasting & processing, sales, creating coffee culture, to quality assurance. Our constant pursuing of new potentials for coffee such as the nation’s first vacuum-packed ground coffee, world’s first canned coffee and Japan’s unique coffee shop styles has created new values for coffee that never existed before.

UCC Group’s network has been expanding not only in Japan, but also over 20 countries and regions in Europe and Asia. We maintain the top market share in the entire coffee businesses for commercial-, home- and industrial-use in Japan.

UCC Group has globally expanded the consistent business model, “From cup to seed” while being persistent about the ultimate taste and pleasure of coffee in every aspect. To fulfill the mission of our corporate principle —“Good Coffee Smile!”— we pledge to continue efforts and make every attempt that can bring our customers “Good Coffee Smile!”
Café de Colombia
Café de Colombia is the name given to 100% washed Arabica coffee grown in the coffee regions of Colombia. It is also the brand The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) created to promote their coffees both in the industry and among consumers as a high quality product. The FNC work as a non-profit organization and since 1927established itself as the largest rural NGO in the world that represents more than 540,000 Colombian coffee growing families.
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ITOUCHU Corporation
Since Wataru started Specialty Coffee business, we have visited coffee producing areas so many times to find good coffee producers and exporters who have dedicated themselves in producing specialty coffee. Moreover, our repeated visits have created very strong and reliable relationship between Wataru and specialty coffee farmers and exporters. On the other hand, by introducing such a good producers' coffee, Wataru have met the demands of coffee roasters who are keen to provide good quality coffee to consumer in Japan. As the result, so many specialty coffee producers, exporters as well as coffee roasters come to the SCAJ Wataru booth every year. As same with previous years, we, Wataru offer the coffee seminars by the specialty coffee producers / exporters and open cuppings. It's our great pleasure to have many guests at our booth.
We present "water purifier and water softener" business in a general water processing company. We have the high adoption results in the water purifier of the cup-style vending machine use and the juice dispenser use. Recently, we also have the adoption results from coffee machine manufactures and café managers in "the cafe industry". We choose the special water purifier which is most suitable for one cup of the each visitor.
"The best cup is brewed by hand" We reverse this preconception!!
We will bring a new fully automatic brewing machine''FURUMAI'' to pour most excited, innovative and sophisticated coffee to you.

A FURUMAI-centered café will open in Tokyo this fall.
Please look forward to it!
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Unicafé Companhia de Comércio Exterior
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Kyokuto Fadie Corporation
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ANA Sales Co.,Ltd.
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Meiji Co, Ltd.
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