Book your exhibition booth now! Application due date: July 15,2021
*The schedule has been partially changed due to the re-extension of the state of emergency. (June 1, 2021)

Conditions for exhibitors

Require to be a manufacturer (company or individual), trading company, information media outlet, organization or association, etc. that is involved in spreading and popularizing specialty coffee, or that handles products, services or publications, etc. that contribute to the development of the coffee industry in Japan and worldwide.

Exhibit categories

Raw beans, roasted beans, roasting machines, espresso machines and related accessories, drip machines, grinders, brewing equipment, cooking equipment, food service equipment, water purifiers, storage bags/containers/tableware, coffee and other beverages, syrup, confectioneries, related services and publishing/media, etc.

Benefit 1

This year’s exhibition marks the 16th anniversary of SCAJ which is one of the largest specialty coffee exhibitions in Asia. This event promises to help exhibitors increase their brand value in the industry.

SCAJ2021 is one of the largest specialty coffee exhibitions in Asia and is a worldwide event which attracts buyers from the specialty coffee industry from over 40 countries and regions to come for sales discussions and to attend exhibits of high quality coffee beans, advanced coffee making equipment, and various products related to specialty coffee. The exhibition also attracts coffee fans through seminars offering the most up to date news from coffee producing countries as well market and industry trends for both global and domestic markets. In addition, competitions and special stage attractions will be held during the exhibition.

Benefit 2

The exhibition offers exhibitors the best opportunity for sales activities, product promotions, and marketing since a wide variety of people from various businesses who have interests in specialty coffee will visit.

Because of the high level of professionalism of the exhibition, industry-leading information, products, and professionals from the coffee industry are found at SCAJ. Professionals from cafe management, roasting companies, import/export and trading companies will visit SCAJ along with a wide range of people from various industries such as hotels and restaurants, retail distribution, and food related industries with strong interests in coffee. It can help exhibitions arrange a high potential business deal, promote and market their own businesses, and participate in productive business discussions.

Benefit 3

SCAJ will increase exposure among various media and coffee fans through various events and attractions.

On the event stage, the finals of several coffee competitions offering a chance to participate in the World Championships and many other events will be held. Key players in the industry, such as previous competition champions, famous baristas and cafe owners will appear at various events attracting the media and coffee enthusiasts. This exhibition offers opportunities for new product announcements and exposure to wider general consumers.

Competitions (TBD)

  • Japan Barista Championship (JBC)
  • Japan Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (JCIGSC)
  • Japan Brewers Cup (JBrC)
  • Japan Cup Tasters Championship (JCTC)
  • Roast Masters Team Challenge (RMTC)

*Scheduled events are subject to change.

Benefit 4

This exhibition boasts a very high level of satisfaction for both visitors and exhibitors and offers them a unique specialty coffee experience.

As an annual event where people in the coffee industry both global and domestic markets gather at one place, it has received high praise and satisfaction from visitors and exhibitors.

Exhibition fee

Standard and semi-standard booth fee (tax included)

Type/Number of units SCAJ member SCAJ non-member
1. Standard packaged booth [1-3 booth units]
1 booth unit: 3m x 3m = 9 sq. meter
Member JPY 367,000 Non-member JPY 418,000
2. Standard free space [more than 4 booth units]
1 booth unit: 3m x 3m = 9 sq. meter
Member JPY 367,000 Non-member JPY 418,000
3. Semi-standard packaged booth [1-2 booth units]
1 booth unit 3m x 2m = 6 sq. meter
Member JPY 220,000 Non-member JPY 275,000

Seminars and Workshops (tax included)

Type/Durations and participants SCAJ member SCAJ non-member
4. Producing country seminar
90 minutes for once / up to 80 people
Member JPY 265,000 Non-member JPY 316,000
5. Exhibitor’s seminar/workshop A
90 minutes for once / up to 80 or 120 people
Member JPY 316,000 Non-member JPY 367,000
6. Exhibitor’s seminar/workshop B
90 minutes for once / up to 40 or 50 people
Member JPY 265,000 Non-member JPY 316,000

Please be sure to read the “Information for Exhibitors” brochure for details on the exhibiting menus.

About application

How to apply

To apply, please fill in the required entries on the application form below.

Please read the “SCAJ2021 Exhibition Terms and Conditions” carefully before applying. Once you submit this application form, we deemed that you agree to all the matters described in the “Information for Exhibitors” and “SCAJ 2021 Exhibition Terms and Conditions”.

Application due date

[Primary application due date (early entry)] priority for SCAJ members

May 14 (Fri), 2021

[Secondary application due date (final)]

July 15 (Thu), 2021

  • Application will close once all scheduled spaces have been assigned, regardless of the application due date.
  • SCAJ members and repeaters will be accepted first for early application.
  • SCAJ member who apply and pay in the early entry will have benefits such as priority of booth location lottery. Please check the column below.

Application reception & Payment of exhibition fee

The organizer will scrutinize the content of the application. Once your application is confirmed, SCAJ Conference office will send you an invoice. Please make a bank transfer of the exhibition fee to the indicated bank account. You must adhere to the remittance due date indicated on the invoice (approximately one month after application or due date below). Your application will officially be considered complete once payment is confirmed.*Bank transfer fees are payable by the Exhibitors.

[Primary application payment due date (early entry)]: May 31 (Mon), 2021

[Second application payment due date (final)]: July 30 (Fri), 2021

Exhibitor application form

Please read the “Information for Exhibitors” and “Terms and Conditions” carefully before applying.

Precautions for exhibitors