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Café de Colombia is the name given to 100% washed Arabica coffee grown in the coffee regions of Colombia. It is also the brand The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) created to promote their coffees both in the industry and among consumers as a high quality product. The FNC work as a non-profit organization and since 1927established itself as the largest rural NGO in the world that represents more than 540,000 Colombian coffee growing families.

Since 1933, UCC Group has been taking coffee seriously, inheriting successfully the founding spirit – “Deliver flavorful coffee to as many people as possible anytime and anywhere”. We have built the coffee business that encompasses every aspect of coffee from cultivation of coffee trees in the producer countries, procurement of materials, R&D, roasting & processing, sales, quality assurance, culture, to educations. We have always pursued new potentials for coffee that never existed before, such as the nation’s first vacuum-packed ground coffee, world’s first canned coffee, the world’s only museum dedicated to coffee, and the educational institution dedicated to coffee — the Coffee Academy. We will expand all coffee-related value chains on a global scale and continue our commitment to the deliciousness and enjoyment of the best coffee, and “Unleash the power of coffee for a better world” in each of our businesses. We will continue to take on the challenge of creating value through coffee for a better world.

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We present “water purifier and water softener” business in a general water processing company. We have the high adoption results in the water purifier of the cup-style vending machine use and the juice dispenser use. Recently, we also have the adoption results from coffee machine manufactures and café managers in “the cafe industry”. We choose the special water purifier which is most suitable for one cup of the each visitor.

TREE FIELD is pleased to announce its new coffee grinder, Kirimai. We will have a tasting session where you can compare the two burrs and their distinctive characteristics. Our farm HACIENDA COPEY won 2nd place at the Cup of Excellence Costa Rica in June 2021, and we will be serving that Geisha. Please enjoy the finest coffee, ground by the most up-to-date grinder.

Roasted coffee net mall BANEMO is an e-commerce site that sells home-roasted coffee from all over Japan in an online mall. It allows home-roasted coffee sellers all over Japan to list their products easily, paying just minimal fees. Perhaps you started up an e-commerce site because of the pandemic, but have given up because you weren’t really selling. Perhaps you have products on a major EC mall, but are paying high fees that too expensive to afford. If you’re suffering these kinds of problems, we invite you to attack them with us at BANMEO. With the number of EC sites increasing rapidly, a lot of time and money is required to increase sales. When Japan’s proud home-roasting businesses list their specialty coffees, all customers need to do is log in once to be able to buy coffee from various sellers.

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As the Specialty Coffee trader, we, Wataru & Co., have supplied exquisite coffee to the Japanese market for many years. Since the start of the Specialty Coffee business, we have visited so many coffee producers who have dedicated their life to the coffee growing with strong passion, and have created good business relationship with them. In this sense, we can safely say that Wataru is the bridge connecting such specialty coffee producers in the world and the coffee roasters and conumer in Japan.
With the good communication and friendly business relationship with those coffee producers for many years, we, Wataru have contributed to the growth of the farms and to the improvement of daily life of coffee workers. We believe that our role will read to sustainable good quality coffee production.
At the SCAJ 2021 Exhibition, we, Wataru offer you coffee seminars featuring coffee producers and producing areas under the title “Ask Wataru”. In addition, as the Ditting partner in Japan, we introduce Ditting new grinder type “807 and 807 Lab Sweet”. We are welcoming you to the Wataru booth.

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FADIE has provided fresh coffee beans to many customers in Northern Kyushu and Yamaguchi since its foundation 60 years ago(whole sale/retail sale).We have devotes ourselves to selecting product sourcing.For example,we win approximately 10 tons of COE coffee annually and source our coffee from conteact in 4 countries.Such beans are roasted by an experiences artisan with full use of his five senses.Only the beans roasted within two weeks are sold in our store.Today,we are pouring our passion into “From Seed to Cup”.

We would like to introduce the launch of the number one coffee brand in Japan. DE coffee, with its headquater located in the Netherlands, has a long and traditional history going way back to 1753.
The range of coffee products include five different kind of coffee bean and hand-drip items. DE items include further. Cappucino and Cocoa stick type products. Those items are very suitable for in-room drinks.

TYPICA is a first online platform in the world that enables coffee producers and roasters to directly trade green beans from one hemp bag. It can increase the profitability of the coffee producers and added value of the roasters. It also contributes to enhance the market share of the specialty coffee which appreciates the individuality of the coffee growing regions, and sublimates the coffee that consumers drink daily into a wide variety of delicious coffees.