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Common Questions
* Please inquire with the SCAJ2018 Conference Office about any matters other than the below.
About exhibitor applications
Q1. What is the application due date? How to apply?
A1. TThe primary application due date (early entry) is April 27 (Fri), 2018, and the secondary application due date (final) is May 31 (Thu), 2018. Applications will be closed when booth become full regardless of the due date. Please inform the SCAJ2018 Conference Office if you wish to be placed on the waiting list.
Q2. Can we change or cancel application after submitted ?
A2. Yes, cancel charge will arise. Please submit a written request when you wish to cancel your application. Please be aware that cancellation fee will be occur if you wish to cancel after the following due dates:
■June 15,2018 (Fri) or before: 50% of participation fee
■ June 16,2018 (Sat) or later: 100% of participation fee
Q3. Is it possible to specify the booth position?
A3. In principle, priority options are given to Exhibitors who are also event sponsor or use space equivalent to at least four booths. All the other booth location will be decided by lottery at the exhibitor briefing. The same applies to booth layout in the case of application for a space equivalent to multiple booths.
Q4. How to add equipment such as table, display stand.
A4. We will explain how to order additional furniture at exhibitor orientation.
Q5. When we receive our invitations?
A5. Invitations will be sent to Exhibitors by mid-August, in order.
Q6. When we receive exhibitor badges, vehicle passes, and worker stickers, etc.?
A6. Planning a more sequential shipping in early September in order.
About displays
Q1. How to manage exhibits from the loading time of previous day to the opening day?
A1. Please take your own responsibilities to control your valuables at night even security guards will be around and locked the booth. In addition, there is chargeable space for stock.
Q2. When power supply will be provided? (Is it possible on the day before the event?)
A2. Electricity power supply will be available in order of precedence from the exhibit installation date of before the event.
Q3. Can use the fire? Is it possible to roast?
A3. Open flames will not be allowed. More information will be provided at the exhibitor orientation.
Q4. Can play music?
A4. Yes. Please note that the volume so as not to interfere with the neighbor booth. More information will be provided at the exhibitor orientation.
Q5. Is it possible to sell goods?
A5. Yes. However, please refrain from exhibitors that the main purpose of the product sales.
Q6. Is sampling/coffee tasting allowed outside the booths?
A6. No. All displays and demonstrations that involve sampling should take place inside the Exhibitor's own booth. Please be careful not to disturb other Exhibitors.
Q7. Are there any restrictions on decorations?
A7. Yes. More information will be provided at the exhibitor orientation.
Q8. How about stock space?
A8. Yes, Available the sign up first-come, first-served basis at an additional cost.
Q9. How many water stations will be available?
A9. Please wait until venue drawings are ready with regard to the number and location of water stations to be installed.
Q10. When will we be billed for additional works and rented equipment?
A10. The bill will be sent to you after the exhibition period.
Q11. Is there business discussion space?
A11. Yes. Please wait for the venue drawings to be ready for details
Q12. Can use the power supply in the semi-standard booth?
A12. Electricity is not included in the booth exhibition fee, but it is available upon separate application.
About Tokyo Big Sight
Q1. Are there a post office, ATMs, and convenience stores inside?
A1. There is no post office inside Tokyo Big Sight, but there is one in the TFT Building nearby. An ATM is available on the 2nd floor of the entrance hall. You can drop off Yu-Pack parcels at the Lawson convenience store inside Tokyo Big Sight, and parcels for Yamato Transport at the Seven Eleven outside.
Q2. Are parcel delivery services available to transport items in and out of the venue?
A2. Y Yes. You can receive parcels at the venue on the day by sending them to a pre-designated address (SCAJ2018 Conference Office is not involved and not at concerned).
About seminars
Q1. Can we indicate a desired seminar time?
A1. We would like to ask your schedule time for exhibitors who have submitted sign up to the seminar. While we cannot guarantee that your seminar can be held at the desired time, we will do all we can to offer a time slot that is in line with your wishes.
Q2. Is it possible to order interpreter for seminars?
A2. Yes. Interpreter is available on a paid basis through the SCAJ2018 Conference Office.
Q3. Are cupping and tasting allowed at seminars?
A3. Yes. If you wish to carry out cupping or tasting, you will need to provide the SCAJ2018 Conference Office with information on the beans and the equipment you intend to use in advance.
Q4. When will applications for seminar participation open?
A4. Application will be opened once all seminar information is available.
Q1. Do you have regulations in place concerning the protection of personal information?
A1. The personal information we receive will be handled in accordance with the "Policy for the Protection of Personal Information" stipulated by SCAJ.
Q2. Is there any insurance for the theft of proceeds or display products during the event?
A2. We do not have any insurance, please manage valuables, products, and proceeds by your own responsibility.
SCAJ2018 Conference Office
■Event & Convention House, Inc
Shuwa Okachimachi Bldg.8F, 4-27-5 Taito Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-0016 Japan
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