SCAJ2017, the biggest specialty coffee event in Asia!

Guests who have made advance registration can enter for ¥1,000 instead of the general admission rate of ¥1,500(same rate for all 3 days). On the day of your visit, please print out your exhibit entrance registration form and bring it with you.
If you would like to apply for seminars, please apply from each seminar's application form.
Exhibitor List
Stage B
JBC2017 Japan Barista Championship 2017
9/20 Wed 10:00-17:00 Semifinals
9/21 Thu 10:00-17:00 Finals

The Japan Barista Championship (JBC) is a competition in espresso-making skills. Each competitor has a 15-minute time limit in which to prepare four cups each of three different beverages and serve them to the judges. Preparing an espresso and a milk beverage and demonstrating their creativity with a “signature beverage,” each participant is judged not only on the flavor of his or her coffee beverages but on all aspects of the process of preparing and serving the drinks, including cleanliness, creativity, technique and presentation skill. The smooth, compact movements of the competitors are efficient and practiced as they not only prepare the beverages but also pay attention to keeping the workspace clean, and are an impressive sight to behold. In addition, the signature beverage performance gives competitors the chance to showcase their innovative techniques and is perhaps the most exciting part of watching the JBC.
Stage A
JBrC2016 Japan Brewers Cup 2016
9/21 Thu 10:00-17:00 Semifinals
9/22 Fri 10:00-16:00 Finals

The Japan Brewers Cup (JBrC) is a competition in which competitor showcase their skill at brewing coffee by hand, without the use of machinery, each using their own preferred method, such as the paper drip, Nel Drip, French press or aero press. This results in a diverse array of different flavors of coffee, and competitors are judged on how they bring out the flavors of the coffee itself as well as on their individual touches and creative techniques. These semifinal and final competitions will be conducted in an “open-service” format, in which each competitor brings in his or her own roasted beans and demonstrates his or her skill in bringing out the flavor of the chosen beans as well as in presentation. The variety in brewing methods on display and in the approaches to presentation is this event’s major draw.
Stage B
JCTC2017 Japan Cup Tasters Championship 2017
9/22 Fri 10:00-12:00
The Japan Cup Tasters Championship (JCTC) is an event in which competitors are judged based on their sophisticated coffee cupping technique and their ability to distinguish the flavors of specialty coffees with an emphasis on speed, technique and accuracy. The goal in this competition is to distinguish between different coffees. Pushing their senses of smell and taste and their concentration to the limit, the competitors are given a set of three cups of coffee placed in a triangle and must determine which one is different from the other two. There are eight tests in each stage. The time limit is eight minutes. Many competitors get the right answer, and in the case of a tie in the number of correct responses, the competitors are judged based on speed. The strategic competition between the competitors, with the question of whether the time factor will be added to the simple rules or whether it is worth spending extra time to get a correct answer, makes for an exciting event.
Stage A
RMTC2017  Roast Masters Team Challenge 2017
9/22 Fri 13:00-16:00
The Roast Masters Team Challenge (RMTC) is a unique event that, while being aimed at the improvement of roasting technique, also focuses on information exchange and connections between the roasters participating. Competitors are divided into teams based on area, and this year features the use of three varieties of coffee beans including Brazil Cup of Excellence beans. Roasting the beans to bring out their strengths and then further emphasizing them through blending, each team creates its own unique and unprecedented specialty blend. In the presentation phase, each team introduces the roasting profile and blending method it built in order to come up with its ideal cup of coffee. Two winning teams are presented with awards based on a cupping evaluation performed by a Cup of Excellence international judge (the Judge's Award) and a tasting by the members of the audience (the Audience Award).
   …Company Seminar     …Producing Country Seminar

■9/20(Wed)Seminar List
Seminar Room ①
“Much More than Water” – The Evolution and Innovation of the Swiss Water®
Process of Creating Caffeineless Coffee
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc.
9/20(Wed)12:30-14:00(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
In this seminar, we will talk through the science behind the Swiss Water® Process, as well as innovations and the science behind preserving the flavor characteristics of origin throughout the process. We will also provide tips of roasting & brewing.
Seminar Room ①
Café De Nicaragua
9/20(Wed) 10:30-12:00(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
Nicaragua is one of 25 places in the world that should not be missed. Its colonial and neoclassical architecture is exquisite and well preserved. Its islets in Granada are contiguous to the city and form a forced and paradisiac attraction. Navigating the lake of Granada or Cocibolca, called "sea sweet" it is another attraction, not to mention the warmth of our people. Its culture and resources make Nicaragua a unique country, characterized by its lakes and volcanoes; As for coffee, it is Nicaragua's first agricultural export product, so we will presenting everything we have done in the last decade in our coffee and the changes that are being made to continue coffee as a sustainable business with its processes of quality that are another attraction to buyers for CAFES OF NICARAGUA The essence of our town.
Seminar Room ②
Guatemalan Coffees;Innovation and Quality
Guatemalan Coffees
9/20(Wed) 11:00-12:30(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
The presentation will give an overview of Guatemalan Coffees, in an effort to present the 8 different coffee regions and their quality. Guatemalan Coffees have been known to be of exceptional quality, which is a result of a combined positive characteristics including more than 300 microclimates, influence of lakes and Pacific and Atlantic ocean, altitude, and agronomic practices. In addition, Guatemalan Coffee producers have been effortlessly innovating in new processes and practices, to further contribute to the quality and uniqueness of our coffees. We also have cupping session in our seminar.
Seminar Room ②
Rwanda Coffee Sector Development
Embassy of Rwanda in Japan
9/20(Wed) 13:00-14:30(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
Coffee sector in Rwanda is growing rapidly with efforts from both public and private sectors. JICA’s various projects in Rwanda’s coffee sector have also been playing important role and putting great contribution to the development of the sector.

In our seminar, efforts and prospects from different players, such as NAEB, Rwandan coffee exporters and JICA, will be shared for better understanding of Rwanda coffee sector and efforts made for its development.

Seminar contents:
・Current Rwanda coffee sector development
・JICA and NAEB Project for Strengthening Coffee Value Chain in Rwanda
・Rwanda coffee industry in the future
・Coffee tasting
Seminar Room ①
BSCA Taste of Harvest Tokyo 2017
9/20(Wed) 14:30-16:30(120 min)
Free Invitation Only
Presentations by Producers who exhibit their exemplary Coffee to BSCA Taste of Harvest 2017, covering details of their Farms,Harvesting and Processing Procedures. Cupping Sessions of their coffee and Q & A.
Seminar Room ②
"Research, Development and Innovation for Best Coffee Production and Quality in Honduras Central America".
Instituto Hondureno Del Café
9/20(Wed)15:00-16:30(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
Honduras has become first coffee producer and exporter in Central America, 3rd in America and 6th in the world, with a current coffee production in 2016-17 reaching the 10.1 millions of coffee bags of 46 kg. All this thanks to the efforts and technology adoption made by 120,000 coffee producing families, their coffee organizations and institutions and to the investments made continuously on research, development and innovation in six strategic programs aimed to ensured coffee production sustainability both economically and environmentally. These programs are Coffee Genetic Improvement, Agronomy, Integrates Pest Management, Soils and Fertilizers Management, Processing and Quality, Agroforestry and Environment Management.

An overview about all the research, development and innovation activities in coffee production, processing and marketing will be given, focusing on coffee genetics and varieties, best agronomic management practices and best processing strategies and technologies, all aimed to ensure high productivity, best coffee quality and food safety, and environmental protection.

■9/21(Thu)Seminar List
Seminar Room ①
"Cup of Excellence: Growing the Model"
Alliance for Coffee Excellence/Cup of Excellence
9/21(Thu)12:30-14:00(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
We will have a cupping of COE Coffees at the lecture as well as Darrin Daniel, ED of ACE, speaking.
Seminar Room ②
"Costa Rica:A Specialty Coffee Origin with Consistent Quality"
Exclusive Coffees
9/21(Thu)13:00-14:30(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
This seminar is developed by Exclusive Coffees – Costa Rica experts in specialty and boutique Coffees.
They will explain in this seminar, how the coffee micro mills have developed consistent Quality focused on Systematic producing and processing techniques.
Seminar Room ①
"Café Du Burundi" Seminar
Café Du Brundi
9/21(Thu)10:30-12:00(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
"Café du Burundi" as a whole ie production, quality, producing regions, Cup of Excellence in Burundi, buyers'tour and most importantly the profile of Café du Burundi which fits with Japanese flavour.
Seminar Room ②
"BSCA(Brazil Specialty Coffee Association)" Seminar
BSCA(Brazil Specialty Coffee Association)
9/21(Thu)11:00-12:30(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
BSCA President Adolfo Ferreira will speak about the history of coffee production in Brazil, focusing especially on improvements to quality over time. He will also discuss expectations for the current harvest as to volume, quality and sensory attributes. Finally, he will mention quality and sustainability initiatives and BSCA’s new activities in education and coffee competitions.
Seminar Room ①
Cenicafe 1: The new coffee variety developed and released for the Colombian Coffee Growers.
9/21(Thu)14:30-16:00(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
After 20 years of investigation, Cenicafe has released its newest coffee variety under the name Cenicafe 1. This new variety developed under the Cenicafe breeding program aims to increase productivity by having more density per hectare and keeping high quality standards in the cup profile.
Seminar Room ②
Panama, the land of top-notch Geisha's
Ministry of Trade and Industry of Panama
9/21(Thu)15:00-16:30(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
How to produce an auction quality coffee. What does it take to have a winner?
In the country known for it’s excellence in Geisha quality, producers will speak to the relevance of elevation, micro-climates, processing, and quality control as the fundamentals behind an excellent Geisha.

・Rachel Peterson, Hacienda La Esmeralda. 1st Place Best of Panama Natural Geisha Category 2017, 2015, 2013 (also 1st place Best of Panama: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010)
・Willem Boot, Finca Sofia, 1st place Best of Panama Washed Geisha Category 2017, Finca La Mula, 1st place Best of Panama Natural Geisha Category 2014
・Wilford Lamastus, Elida Estate, 1st place Best of Panama Washed Geisha Category 2016

■9/22(Fri)Seminar List
Seminar Room ②
「Deconstructing Brazil’s Terroir ~New Challenges of Daterra Farm~」
Kanematsu Corporation / Brazil Daterra Coffee Farm
9/22(Fri)11:00-12:30(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
Daterra has been continuously challenging themselves for better quality and sustainability.
In 2015, Daterra was a winner of the prize “Prêmio Fazenda Sustentável 2015” by Globo Rural, Brazil’s major agricultural magazine, as the most sustainable farm in the country.
In 2016, their micro-lot masterpiece called “Maria,” which used a wine producing method had the highest bid of 58USD/lb in the auction.In 2017, Daterra’s new challenges begin.
1.The Challenges for Better Quality:Masterpiece
In the seminar, we will have tasting of the latest Masterpieces.
Come and experience the flavor that has gone far beyond the terroir.
2.The Challenges for Better Sustainability:The Bioterra Foundation
In the seminar, we will introduce more about the foundation and how it works.
Any one is welcomed and free to join. It’s in English and Japanese.We all hope to see you at our seminar!
Seminar Room ①
The Evolution of Traceability and Sustainability and how Costa Rica is innovating as an origin country in coffee
Café De Costa Rica
9/22(Fri)10:30-12:00(90 min)
Free Capacity:80
1.How traceability is evolving worldwide
 a.Cases study on the new trends of traceability
2.Overview of the coffee from Costa Rica
3.Costa Rica as a leader in innovation
 a.What makes us unique in how we can ensure traceability
 b.CICAFE Processes (scientific investigation statistics)
4.How sustainability is evolving
 a.Case study on the new trends of sustainability
5.Sustainability Innovation: NAMA-Café
6.Where Café de Costa Rica is heading: GIC
Seminar Room ④
(Meeting Room 4)
Ministry of Trade and Industry of Panama
Free Capacity:20
n behalf of CAFE VOLCAN BARU S.A., the Embassy of Panama in Japan would like to cordially invite you to participate in a Geisha tasting session.
During the session, the participants will enjoy tasting 4 types of washed geisha beans and 4 types of natural geisha beans, produced by the Janson Family Farms in the Volcan region on the western part of Panama.
Please kindly be advised that the confirmations will be received on a first come, first served basis, due to limited capacity of the venue for 20 people.
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