The largest specialty coffee event in Asia

SCAJ World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition 2021

SCAJ2022 will be held from October 12 (Wed.) to 14 (Fri.), 2022 at Tokyo Big Sight, West Halls 3 and 4. We will start accepting exhibitor applications in February 2022.

Visitor informationFor Attendees

The SCAJ2021 was successfully closed.

We very much appreciate for as many as 19,334 visitors for the three days.

Date Weather Visitors
Nov. 17(Wed) Cloudy then sunny 7,025
Nov. 18(Thu) Cloudy 6,450
Nov. 19(Fri) Sunny 5,859
Total 19,334

The latest information will be posted on the SNS !

Exhibitor information

For Exhibitor

In addition to coffee industry professionals such as cafe owners, roasters, and importers, a wide variety of people from various businesses such as hotels and restaurants, retail distribution, and food-related industries will visit with a strong interest in coffee.

Benefit of exhibiting 1

Increase the value of your brand in the industry

SCAJ is celebrating its 16th year as one of the largest coffee events in Asia. It promises to help exhibitors increase their brand value in the industry.

Benefit of exhibiting 2

Provide opportunities for efficient business meetings, product PR, and marketing

The highly professional event, which features the latest industry information and products, attracts coffee industry professionals as well as visitors with a strong interest in coffee from a wide range of businesses.

Benefit of exhibiting 3

Exposure to various media and coffee enthusiasts

The event, which attracts the attention of the media and coffee enthusiasts with various events on stage and appearances by famous baristas and cafe owners, offers a great opportunity for new product launches and increased exposure to consumers.

Benefit of exhibiting 4

Very high level of satisfaction of visitors and exhibitors

The event boasts a very high level of satisfaction for both visitors and exhibitors, as it provides a unique specialty coffee experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Around 40,000 visitors from more than 40 countries and regions are coming.


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352booth units
33978visitors in 3 days
47countries and regions

About SCAJAbout

SCAJ is one of the largest specialty coffee events in Asia where stakeholders in coffee industry from Japan and around the world gather annually.


Unique high-quality coffee beans from coffee producing countries of Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa and a wide variety of coffee equipment and related goods from domestic and overseas manufacturers will be gathered here.


A number of essential seminars for buyers will be held during the event including one that brings together experts from coffee producing countries. This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the coffee industry.


Various competitions will be held at the event stage for famous baristas, siphonists, and roasters to test their skills against each other in hopes of being named the best. The winner of each competition will qualify to participate in the World Championships.


Organized by

Specialty Coffee Association of Japan